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Recent time away -- to China!


My husband and I just returned from 3 week tour of China – awesome sights, sounds and smells! LOL  The young are really into fashions saw LOTS of “selfie sticks” and surprised at how many wanted photos of us (we are celebrities in China! Who knew)!! Lots of traffic and SO glad we were not driving! Lots of cars, fewer bicycles than imagined – more electric scooter!! Our tour bus was in only one accident which was extremely surprising!

Was very surprised at how China is no longer quaint, but at night has the cornerstone on LED/neon lights and skyscrapers – the younger generation seems to focus on fashion similar to US/Canadians with selfie sticks and cell phones, whereas the older generation approached us (had great conversations with people – just didn’t understand the language – just each other’s smiles). I personally feel China may lose their identity as they are becoming more “Westernized”. Very sad!  As we walked through the garden at the Temple of Heaven – it seemed the older generation saw this area as a meeting place, played mahjong, wrote on the pavement with water brush strokes; performed tai chi; with agility and ease played hacky sack; played checkers and really enjoyed time in a park either by themselves or with friends. Would have love to spend the whole day there – was a place that made us feel welcome and at ease!!

We visited Forbidden City, climbed the staircase of the Great Wall – awesome feat of workmanship! Walked across Tiananmen Square under the watchful eyes of cameras and military police. Didn’t understand one thing – there were fire extinguishers just sitting on the pavement – why??? Travelled to Xi’an to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers – each man is individualized with their own uniforms, face, size etc. Panda’s who sat munching on bamboo and seemed to wondered why we were so enamored! Sailed down the Yangtze River through the three gorges and Dam. In Guilin, we were privileged to watch 600 country folk perform a play with the famous mountains in the background!! Magical evening! Went to Macau then took hydrofoil to Hong Kong. Chose not to join the extra tour but had a fabulous day on our own – visited a nearby market filled with people smoking cigarettes as they de-scaled fish, chopping them for local consumers – local butchers chopping and hanging hearts, legs, etc of farm animals for sale. At one area, a small shop has beautiful bowl of walnuts surrounded by freshly added meats, dried fish, bowl of monies and a lovely sticky piece of paper with caught flies. So glad we didn’t exactly know what our meals were during the time – especially after seeing the markets!! LOL

Didn’t find any new patterns, but saw some fabulous fashions. Thank you to our wonderful customer representative for holding down the fort for me during this time away. Adding more Vogue fashion patterns and petit point kits today – so watch for all our new additions!